A Stone within a Mountain, a Mountain within a stone, 2022
15x 21.8x 0.3 cm
Edition of 30
Inkjet print on Xuan paper

I'm drawn to those test strips that are always kept in the archive box,
preserved (leftover) from the darkroom process. I constantly go
through them. Test strips are small-sized photographic paper, a step to
ensure the accuracy of the colour and contrast of the image. Similar to
light emulsion, they are fragile and even slowly fade with time.
Sometimes, I feel uncertain to display them for fear of losing or
damaging them. With their irregular shapes and sizes the perspectives
are altered, also they are in a state of finished and unfinished. This
publication showcases these test strips as the central element.
Highlighting the importance of the test strip in achieving the final
images, by resetting these seemingly discarded strips on delicate rice
paper and incorporating them into a new scene, for people to revisit
those mountains, trees, water, stone, and land.